Reil Cleaning Services

We don't cut corners, We clean them!


Our Duct Cleaning Process

  • We remove and clean the registers.
  • Then our technicians will start cleaning through the supply vents by working all the way back to the air handler.
  • Dirt, dust & debris is brushed loose and immediately swept up using our powerful, dual Hepa-filter vacuums.
  • As we work back through the system we overlap the ductwork, ensuring that you are getting optimum coverage throughout the ductwork system*, a necessity for thorough cleaning.
  • The technician will finish by cleaning the cold-air return ductwork with the same process. (We may recommend high quality filters and anti-bacterial treatments depending on your system).
  • *Our equipment is safe for metal, flex, and wood ductwork, it is NOT to be used for fiberglass lined ducts.